Department of Information Technology
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Information Technology - Overview

Dr. Atul D. Raut


The new millennium has dawned with India all set to transform itself into a knowledge-based society. Information Technology is the vehicle for Transformation. With the advent of the advances in the technologies in this field, the whole world is becoming easily accessible.

Over the last decade, the Indian Software Industry has grown from strength to strength. Industry revenue grew several folds from mere US$ 50 million in 1988-89 to US$ 9 billion by 2001-02. Indian has set a higher goal & aspirer to achieve US$ 85 billion by 2008 out of which 50 billion would come from software export alone in the industry. It is widely believe that this is an attainable aspiration for IT industry.

This branch has also application in mobile communication, video conferring & wireless local loop, keeping this view the Information Technology branch is established.

The department have all necessary & advance computer world & latest software to fulfill the demand of competitive world. The department is running GAIT (Global Association of Information Technocrats), which gives response to hidden facets of students & help them for overall personality development.

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