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Manufacturing of Fabric Cleaning Pads

Textile fabrics are prone to deposit solid impurities and bacteria. The process of deposition of solid impurities and bacteria fastens with the repeated use of fabric. Presently frequent washing of such fabrics with strong detergents is the only solution to get rid from these impieties. Repeated washing treatments not only degrade the serviceability and aesthetic properties of fabric also it is water and time consuming operation. Further in many clothing materials detergent washing is not recommended In order to delay the frequent washing treatments of fabric, an idea of manufacturing Fabric Cleaning Pads (FCP) consist of sandwich of multi layered polypropylene needle punched nonwoven fabric and absorbent polymeric cleaning gel. The Polymeric cleaning gel will be entrapped between the layers of polypropylene needle punched nonwoven fabrics. The raw material for this product is polypropylene based needle punched nonwoven fabric and absorbent polymeric gel material. The sandwiching of these materials in to the finished product as FCP can be easily done using simple machines.

There will potential market for this FCP due to following reasons:

1)      No such product is available in market as of date, therefore this will be pioneer product and in this area.

2)      This is a low capital investment business; therefore the cost of product will be very low, whereas the cost of cleaning will be less than detergent washing.

3)      This will increase life, hygiene and ease of maintenance of clothing.

4)      This will mainly useful in the maintenance of formal clothing, which are frequently need to be used and cannot sustain detergent washings viz. uniform blazer, saris, silk and woolen clothing, delicate garments etc.

                                                                                                          Star-up Idea Proposed By

                                                                                                                Ganesh S.Kakad

                                                                                                Head, Department of Textile Engg.

                                                                                Jawaharlal Darda Institute of Engg. and Tech,Yavatmal




Polyester pillows

Pillow is important product than people think. A comfortable pillow not only provides good sleep at night but it aligns and supports neck and upper body which help to avoid back and neck problems.

The problem associated with the pillow filled with cotton fibres are; lack of resiliency, more weight, become hard after few days, absorb moisture, etc. On the other hand, Pillow filled with material like hollow polyester fibre can provide high bulk, good resiliency and light weight resulting better comfort. Even the manufacturing process for pillow filled with hollow polyester is simple and requires less capital investment. The market for such pillow is huge as it offers following advantages over cotton pillow.

1) Light and soft

2) High bulk and resiliency

3) Moisture resistant

4) Odourless

5) Washable

6) Comfortable

Star-up Idea Proposed By

                                                                                                               Sandip Soni

Department of Textile Engg.

                                                                                Jawaharlal Darda Institute of Engg. and Tech,Yavatmal