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Department of Mechanical Engineering


“Become the preeminent center for mechanical engineering education in the region”


To impart quality education to inculcate the ability and skills of designing, planning and implementing the latest trends in mechanical engineering and to provide positive contribution to society.


 Program Educational Objectives:

PEO-1: Graduates of the program will achieve excellence in product design, thermal

engineering and manufacturing system by acquiring knowledge in mathematics, science and

designing principles.

PEO-2: Graduate will be able to analyze, interpret and provide solutions to the real life

mechanical engineering problems.


PEO-3: Graduate will develop an approach to solve multidisciplinary problems of

manufacturing and allied industries.

PEO-4: Graduates will learn managerial skills to work effectively in a team and in a society

by following ethical and environmental practices.

PEO-5: Graduate will respond to the demand of the society by engaging in lifelong learning.


Program Outcomes 

POs describe what students are expected to know or be able to do by the time of graduation from the program. The Program Outcomes of UG in Mechanical engineering are:

 a. Graduate will exhibit the ability to apply the knowledge of basic science,

mathematics and engineering principles for product design, manufacturing and

thermal engineering.


b. Graduate will use modern technique to conduct experiments, interpret the data,

analyze the results and derive the appropriate conclusion to attain the objective.


c. Graduate will define research methodologies using the aspects of production and power engineering to design systems meeting realistic constraints of economy comfort and environmental aspects.


d. Graduate will exhibit the skill of working in the interdisciplinary project teams for projects with embedded objectives.


e. Graduate will contribute as a mechanical engineer in identifying and solving

Engineering problems with a scientific approach. 


f. Graduate will shoulder responsibilities towards social, professional, and ethical

practices in engineering developing the region and the community as a whole.


g. Graduate shall perform as organized team work through effective leadership,

communication skills and accountable work schedules.


h. Graduate will exhibit the ability to develop knowledge based society with an essence of economic, environmental and social content.


i. Graduate shall be engaged in continuous learning program by developing the skills of self education in theory and experimentation and accepting membership of professional engineering societies.


j. Graduate will be skilled engineers having the potential to develop systems and

handle contemporary issues for the betterment of the mankind.


k. Graduate shall often use developed user friendly customized and customized tools with computer aided engineering for quality engineering practices.


  Dr. Rajeshkumar Sambhe

Head (Mechanical Engineering)