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              Jawaharlal Darda Institute of Engineering & Technology, Yavatmal


Deliver Excellence in Engineering Education


Provide highest quality resources, learning processes and research to create technically qualified professional capable of making significant contribution to individual and social empowerment.


Department of Textile Engineering


To be an Excellent Center of Textile Education


To transform students into trained professional by empowering them with an ability of applying knowledge in textile industry & research field to serve textile & its allied sectors globally.”


Program Specific Objective (PSO)


Students completing this programme will have a remarkable Textile Engineering ability in order to exploit the higher employment scenario in this field.


Students completing this programme will have a special ability to work effectively in the field of textile like merchandising, sourcing, marketing, product development and customer relation management.


Students completing this programme will have an ability to become an entrepreneurship in order to establish their textile business.


Progam Educational Objectives (PEO's)


To prepare the students for fulfilling the technical man power need of textile sector locally and globally.


To develop an ability of applying mathematical, scientific and technical concept  for solving problems in textile engineering and its allied sectors


To prepare students with scientific multidisciplinary approach to develop cutting edge textile technology, products, through contemporary research for supporting the changing needs.


To provide students with academic environment focusing on perusing lifelong learning in the area of textile, apparel, Fashion & Management.


To provide students with regular opportunities to work in team by organizing co curricular activities in view to develop communication skill, leadership, entrepreneurship with ethics and values.


Program Objectives (PO)

PO 1

Ability to understand the various processes involved in textile manufacturing.

PO 2

Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering concept.

PO 3

Ability to handle operating textile and clothing technologies in their concern work domain.

PO 4

Ability to design & conduct experiments as well as to analyze and interpret data in textile engineering fields.

PO 5

Ability to identify, analysis & solve textile engineering & technology related problems.

PO 6

Ability to design and develop logics, components, products, processes within boundary constraints as a changing needs.

PO 7

Undertake research in multidisciplinary areas.

PO 8

Understanding of their professional duties with ethics.

PO 9

Ability to communicate effectively both in verbal and nonverbal forms.

PO 10

Understanding and critical thinking regarding impact of textile sector issues in local and global economy and eventually on society

PO 11

Vision regarding the essentiality of lifelong learning in view to abreast with developments in the field of engineering and technology.

PO 12

Able to learn and use modern technology, computational skills and latest engineering tools necessary for textile engineering processes.