The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is responsible for rendering the following functions:

  1. IQAC ensures that the teaching plans, implementation plans and course completion status is filled up regularly by the faculty in the CAS module so that a central data is always available at any instant of time for review.
  2. IQAC ensures that the syllabus of courses are completed on time and the internal examinations are conducted as per the academic calender.
  3. IQAC ensures that the conduction of internal examinations is transparent, timebound and fair with proper students grievence addresal mechanisms.
  4. IQAC ensures that the institutes academic calendar constitutes all the co-curriclar and extra curricular activities mentioned in the University curriculum and all these activities are properly executed by the departments and concerned authorities.
  5. IQAC ensures the conduction of academic audit of all the faculties of each program twice  a year as per the schedule.
  6. 6.IQAC monitors the performance of R&D Cell in terms of providing the facilities and orienting the students and staff towards research, engaging the faculty in quality fundamental and applied research with worthy publication.
  7. Implementation of suggestions and feedback  from stakeholders and use them as  are guidelines.
  8. Be updated with the quality norms set up by accriditation agencies like NAAC and NBA.
  9. IQAC ensures that the grievences of teaching and non teaching staff and students are properly addressed through various mechanisms like staff council,students grievence cell, women grievence cell,hostel grievence cell and anti ragging committee.
  10. IQAC ensures that the teaching, non teaching staff and students are properly availing the benefits of different welfare policies for their continous professional development.
  11. IQAC ensures that the the faculty and students are made aware of their responsibilities towards the society by conducting various programs through the NSS cell in close association with the community.