Apparition, prescience and stratagem are the tools required to  embark the voyage of success. The challenges posed by the rapid  economic growth, liberalization and globalization the nation need a  workforce of young and efficient technocrats. We comprehend that  education now a days is not a mundane restricted to only chalks  and talks. We are taking all efforts to replace it with  multidirectional, group workshop methods combine with high  technology and excellent infrastructure. We believe that academia  and academic institutes are the fulcrum of any growth – be in  human, economic and socioeconomic.

             For the excellence of our academic programmes we augment our  expertise and infrastructure with the available nationally and  internationally resources. The teaching and learning processes at  this institute is designed to produce right combination of skill,  knowledge and attitude. The undergraduate programmes at Jawaharlal Darda Institute of Engineering and Technology,  Yavatmal  aims to provide the budding technocrats a high level of  competence, dedication and motivation.

            We sincerely believe in developing the capability, quality and competence in our students that will make them to create value for their organization, society, nation and the entire mankind through sustainable ways of development. It gives me a immense sensation of contentment and pleasure to perceive the accomplishment of dream of our beloved Babuji . We leave no stone unturned in distillation and refining our professional skills to demonstrate the authenticity of the aphorism. The success of this institute has commenced as a dream of one man extended to dream of many. We strive to accompanist our dreams and goals to bring better effluences in the future.

As a Principal of the outstanding Institute, I invite you to explore the opportunities to study the Undergraduate programmes and to take the advantage of the philosophy and vision of the founders, to accomplish your thrust for knowledge and professionalism. World class Infrastructure, the dedicated and dynamic faculty and pleasant academic atmosphere of the institute will definitely adore you to explore the career avenues in technical education through this esteem institute. A set of nucleus ethics continue to steer us in the process of transformation to this high performing and compassionate institution which will be an world class institution and act as a milestone in technical education.

Dr. Ramchandra S. Tatwawadi  (Principal)