Student Attraction

  Scholarship for Attending International Conference: Rs. 50000/- for Three Students Every Year.
This funding will be available to Three students one for each department on first come first basis. Remaining 03 departments will get the facility next year.
  Sponsorship for Paper Presentation/Project Competition in India: Rs. 500/- per Student for 400 students per year (Total Rs. 200000/- PA)
The institute offers the sponsorship to student for participating in paper presentation/Project competition at National/International Conferences, Technical Symposium, Student conference, technical session or any other event related to academic development which are organize in India.
This fund is given to 50% of final year student, 30% of third year student and 20% of second year student (Maximum 400 students) every year on first come first serve basis.
  Sponsorship for student who own Prizes /Position in Paper Presentation/Project Competition
  Student secures First Prize/Position: Rs. 2000/-
  Student secures Second Prize/Position: Rs. 1500/-
  Student secures Third Prize/Position: Rs. 1000/-
  Funding for Projects: Maximum Rs. 750 Per student
All the students of final year and third year are eligible to receive a funding of maximum Rs. 750 per student for their project purpose.
  Scholarship for Best student.
Twelve best student awards, three each for the students in First Year, Second Year, Third Year and Final Year are given every year.
  Scholarship for First Best Student: Rs. 400 pm.
  Scholarship for Second Best Student: Rs. 300 pm.
  Scholarship for Third Best Student: Rs. 200 pm.
  Scholarship for Toppers
Student who stood First, Second and Third in the class by securing Average Marks of odd and even semester in the University Exam will get
  Scholarship for First in Class: Rs. 600 pm.
  Scholarship for Second in Class: Rs. 500 pm.
  Scholarship for Third in Class: Rs. 400 pm.
  Scholarship for University Toppers: Rs. 400 pm (Total Rs. 1000 pm)
Student who secured First position in the University will get scholarship of Rs.400/- pm. in addition to scholarship of Rs 600/- as mention 1 (First )
  Scholarship for University color coat holders: Rs. 500 pm.
Every University color coat holders of the Institute will get scholarship amount Rs 500/- pm.
  Scholarship for Student Representative Council (SRC) Members:
  General Secretary: Rs. 500/- pm
  Cultural Representative: Rs. 300/- pm
  Sports Representative: Rs. 300/- pm
  NSS Representative: Rs. 300/- pm
  Ladies Representative: Rs. 300/- pm each for 2 Ladies Representatives
  Research Scholarship: Rs. 300/- pm each for 18 Students
Every Year 3 students of each department received a scholarship amount of Rs 300/- pm. for publishing their paper in reputed journals or selection of the paper in international conference.
  Scholarship for Magazine committee members: Rs. 300/- pm each for Four Students
The students who work for the magazine are felicitated by the scholarship.
  Secretary of the Magazine: Rs. 300/- pm.
  Editor ( English Section): Rs. 300/- pm.
  Editor ( Hindi Section): Rs. 300/- pm
  Editor ( Marathi Section): Rs. 300/- pm.
  Scholarship for various Club members: For 36 Students
The institute runs various clubs to provide platform to explore the hidden talents of the students. The institute promotes such activities by providing a scholarship to the office bearers of various clubs.
  12 Executive Members of JDCS Club: Rs. 300/- pm. each
  4 Executive Members of Departmental Clubs: Rs. 200/- pm. each
(Total 6 Departments)
  Editor ( Hindi Section): Rs. 300/- pm
  Editor ( Marathi Section): Rs. 300/- pm.