Extracurricular Activities

1) Elocution Competition
The objective of this competition is to equip students with the skills of thinking clearly, speaking persuasively and listening to the opinions of others critically and constructively. Conduction date: 19/09/2018.

2) Donation Funds for Kerala
Contribute to Kerala flood Relief to inspire students to help others in need, social awareness and bring more meaning to their life on dated 11/09/18.

3) Traditional Day Celebration
Celebrating traditional day event in college have become an integral part of learning and building a strong cultural belief in the student. PACE encourages students to embrace other traditions and culture just like the way they do with their own. Conduction date: 21/09/2018

4) Teachers day celebrations
Electrical Engineering Dept. Students celebrates Teachers day on 05/09/2018

5) Fresher’s Welcome
Welcome Programme for 2018-19 admitted students of Electrical Engineering Department on 19/01/2019

6) Farewell Party
Farewell Programme for 2018-19 Passed out students of Electrical Engineering Department on 12/04/2019

7) Engineers Day Celebration
Civil Engineering Department has organized the Engineers Day program on 19/09/2019. Along with this reformation of departmental club ACT and first time E-Magazine "TECHERA" has been launched.

8) Freshers Party "Zero Mile"
Civil Engineering Department has organized Freshers Party "Zero Mile" program on 12/10/2019. To welcome all freshers student of Civil Engineering Department, a zero mile was organized by the students of third and Final Year . Program was conducted in first year hall and it is one of the major event under ACT.

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