Applied Science

First year course is common for all eight branches. This includes subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering Mechanics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Engineering Drawing and Workshop. It is controlled and operated at one platform under the First Year In-charge. This is the central department having forty eight teaching staff members.

The department is having seven hundred and twenty students, the largest intake in the district. The department introduces the engineering aspects with the basic knowledge of science and engineering. The department strives to cultivate the interest among the students for the engineering and technology.

The department takes care of all admitted students for first year. There is separate building for the first year classes. The laboratories are under the respective sub-departments with expertise heading the same.

The Classrooms are having specialties as:

  • Class rooms and laboratories as per the norms of AICTE
  • Easily accessible for physically challenged
  • E-learning Facility with Digital classrooms
  • Security enhanced with CCTV cameras.

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