Electronics And Telecommunication Engineering

Today's era is of Information Technology. With the advent of the advance technologies in this field the whole world is becoming very easily accessible. Electronics and Telecommunication is the mother branch of IT. This branch is having wide scope in the public sector, Private sector as well as in Government sector. The professionals of this field will find a very good future prospectus since so many multinational companies are indented in the field of telecommunication. This branch has tremendous applications such as Telephony,Telegraphy, Radio & TV broadcasting, Paging, Mobile Communication, Video Conferencing, Internet, e-mail, e-commerce, Industrial Automation, Military etc. As such there is no limit to its applications and scope as well. Everyday you will find a new addition in the application of this field. It is a versatile branch, in the sense that the students holding the degree in the Electronics and Telecommunication can build up his carrier in any field such as Computer Engineering, Information Technology and Telecommunication etc. Our motto is to build up students who will be equally competent in all these fields. Keeping this in mind, we are working to develop well-equipped advanced computer based laboratories, (to implement concept of virtual lab) to give the students full exposure to computer, Internet Technology, and the advancements in this field. The Department is running the ETA club, which is right forum for the students to give exposure to their facets and help them for their overall personality development.

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