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Name of Laboratory: Modern Physics Laboratory
Room No.: 01
Lab Area: 1506.4 Square feet
Capacity: 30
Lab In-Charge: Prof. S.T.Taide
Lab Assistant: Mr. Chintaman Pinjarkar

List of Equipments/Items:
1 Unit Cell Model 2 Crystal Model 3 Crystal Plane Set 4 Stefan Constant Kit 5 Forbidden Energy Gap Measurement Kit 6 Plancks Constant Kit 7 Transistor Kit 8 Milikans Oil Drop Method 9 Specific Charge Apparatus By Bar Magnet Method 10 Jaegers Method Apparatus 11 Resistance Box(0-1000 Ohm) 12 Resistance Box(0-500 Ohm) 13 Poiseuillies Flow Method Apparatus 14 Chara, Of Diode Kit 15 Diode & Zener Diode Characteristics Kit 16 Characteristics Of Thermistor Kit 17 Study Of Behavior Of LED Kit 18 Study Of Photocell Chara.kit 19 Maxwell’s Needle For Determination Modulus Of Rigidity Of Given Materials 20 Transistor Tester 21 Regulating Power Supply 22 Ic Regulated Power Supply 23 Hall Effect Set Up 24 Micrometer Screw Guage 25 CRO (dual Trace) 26 Function Generator 27 HWR,FWR BWR & Filter Kit 28 G.M.Counter Kit 29 Stop Clock 30 Function Generator 31 CRO (Single Trace) 32 Four Probe Method Kit 33 P-III Computer 34 HP Laser Printer 35 Digital Nano Ammeter 36 Digital Ohm Meter 37 Babinets Compensator (A) E/m Bar Magnet Complete Kit (B) 38 P-IV Computer 39 Diode/ Zener Diode Characteristics Kit 40 Function Generator 41 Crystal Plane Model 42 Function Generator 43 Semiconductor Diode / Zener Diode Kit 44 Energy Band Gap Kit. 45 Semiconductor Diode As HW,FW,BW Rectifier Kit 46 Plancks Constant Kit 47 Transistor Characteristics Kit 48 Characteristics Of LED Kit 49 P-IV Computer Dual Core 50 LCD Projector 51 Projector Screen Glass Beaded Fabric 52 Projector Ceiling Mounting Kit With VGA 53 Hall Effect Set Up 54 Capillary Flow Method For Coefficient Of Viscosity 55 Digital Multimeter 56 Constant Current Power Supply Of Hall Effect

Name of Laboratory: Optics Laboratory
Room No.: 02
Lab Area: 430.59 Square Feet
Capacity: 10
Lab In-Charge: Prof. S. T. Taide
Lab Assistant: Mr. Chintaman Pinjarkar

List of Equipments/Items:
1 He-Ne Laser2 Constant Deviation Spectrograph With Prism3 Teavelling Microscope4 Optical Bench5 Newton Ring Apparatus6 Spectrometer7 He-Ne Laser 5.0 Mw8 Spectrometer Scale 6”9 Sodium Vapour Lamp Wooden Box10 Spirit Level 6”11 Power Supply12 Newtons Ring Apparatus Kit13 Diode Laser14 Spsctrometer Scale 7”15 Resolving Power Of Telescope

Name of Laboratory: Chemistry Lab
Room No.: Chemistry lab
Lab Area: 200 sq.meter
Capacity: 30
Lab In-Charge: Prof .Deepali Hemant Bhaid
Lab Assistant: Mr. Prashant M. Deshmukh

List of Equipments/Items:
1 Analytical Balance2 Single Pan Balance3 Distillation Plant4 Photocolourimeter5 PH Meter6 Stop Clock7 Stop Clock8 Red Wood ViscometerNo.19 Red Wood ViscometerNo.210 Abel’s Flash Point Apparatus11 Lab Oven12 Melting Point Apparatus13 Conductivity Meter14 Victor Mayer Apparatus15 Landberge Apparatus16 Refrigerator (Godrej)17 Spectrophotometer18 Abbe’s Refractometer19 Polarimeter20 Potentiometer21 Fire Extinguisher (Cease Fire)22 Exhaust Fan23 Analytical Weight Box24 Analytical Weight Box25 Vaccum Pump26 L.P.G. Infrastructure +Fire Extinguisher27 PH Meter28 Flash Point Apparatus29 Red Wood ViscometerNo.130 Red Wood ViscometerNo.231 Digital Balance32 Hot Plate(Rectangular With Thermostat)33 Heating Mental With (Regulator)34 Magnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate35 Shaking Machine36 UPS37 Computer38 OHP39 Printer(Epson)40 Cooler41 Single Pan Balance Triple Beam 111gm Capacity42 Microwave Oven43 Conductivity Meter44 D-Link Switch45 8 Port-D-Link Switch46 Water/Soil Analysis Kit47 Digital Colony Counter48 Fluoride Ion Meter With Reagent49 Flash Point Apparatus50 Computer51 Printer (HP Laser Jet 1022)52 PH Meter53 Red Wood ViscometerNo.154 Conductivity Meter55 Refrigerator (Whirlpool)56 Digital Top Pan Balance57 Abel’s Flash Point Apparatus58 Abel’s Flash Point Apparatus59 Red Wood ViscometerNo.260 DistilationWater Apparatus

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