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Institute Level Committee

Administrative Posts
Designation Name
Head, Computer Science & Engineering Department Dr. D. N. Chaudhari
Head, Mechanical Engineering Department Dr. U. V. Kongre
Head, Textile Engineering Department Dr. G. S. Kakad
Head, Electrical Engineering Department Dr. P. M. Pandit
Head, Chemical Engineering Department Mr. A. P. Pardey
Head, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Department Mr. U. W. Kaware
Head, Civil Engineering Department Mrs. R. N. Pantawne
Head, Information Technology Department Dr. A. D. Raut
First Year Incharge Dr. V. R. Gandhewar
Head, Physics Department Mr. S. T. Taide
Head, Chemistry Department Mr. S. T. Taide
Head, Maths Department Dr. A. Ameen
Administrative Coordinator Dr. D. N. Chaudhari
Academic Coordinator Dr. A. Ameen
R & D Coordinator Dr. S. V. Bhalerao
IQAC Coordinator Dr. R. U. Sambhe
Students Affairs Coordinator Dr. U. V. Kongre
Admission Coordinator Dr. V. R. Gandhewar
I. I. I. Cell Coordinator Dr. G. S. Kakad
Amenities & Maintenance Coordinator Dr. A. D. Raut
Finance & A/c Officer Mr. S. V. Kapse
Librarian Dr. M. K. Labhasetwar
Workshop Superintendent Dr. R. M. Sherekar
Office Superintendent Mr. A. P. Navaghare
Director of Physical Education Mr. A. S. Fendar
Training & Placement Officer (TPO) Mr. M. K. Popat

Other Committees

College Grievance Redressal Cell
Dr. R. S. Tatwawadi Chairperson
Dr. G. S. Kakad Member
Dr. U. V. Kongre Member

Committee For SC/ST
Dr. R. S. Tatwawadi Chairperson
Prof. S. T. Taide Liaison Officer
Prof. R. N. Pantawane Assistant Professor
Mr. R. K. Gedam Lab Assistant
Mr. A. P. Navghare Office Superintendent

Disability Resource Center
Dr. V. R. Gandhewar Associate Professor (Mech)
Dr. U. V. Kongre Associate Professor (Mech)
Mrs. R. N. Pantawane Assistant Prof. (Civil)
Mr. A. S. Fendar Director of Physical Education
Dr. S. S. Patalbansi Assistant Professor
Mr. A. P. Deshpande Student Section Clerk

Entrepreneurship Development Cell
Dr. P. M. Pandit Coordinator
Mr. M. S. Gorde Member (Mech)
Mr. P. M. Dawale Member (Chem)
Mr. R. P. Sawant Member (Text)
Mr. S. Phiske Member (Elect)

Internal Complaint Committee
Ms. K. S. Chandan Presiding Officer
Ms. P. G. Kaushik Faculty Member
Dr. R. P. Wankhede Faculty Member
Ms. N. V. Dighade Member (Non Teaching)
Dr. M. K. Labhshetwar Member (Non Teaching)
Adv. S. M. Mane Member Ngo
Student 1 Ladies Representative, JDIET
Student 2 CR-IV Year Student, JDIET
Student 3 CR-IV Year Student, JDIET

Media Center
Dr. A. P. Jadhao Coordinator
Mr. M. K. Popat Member (TPO)
Mr. M. A. Jirapure Member

Student Development Cell
Dr. R. U. Sambhe Student Development Officer
Dr. P. N. Shrirao Faculty Member
Ms. P. G. Kaushik Ladies Faculty Member
------------ Social Worker
Dr. P. M. Pandit Counsellor

Students & Parents Counselling Cell
Mr. A. P. Pardey Coordinator
Dr. P. M. Pandit Member
Dr. G. S. Kakad Member

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