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Incubation Center
Jawaharlal Darda Institute of Engineering & Technology, Yavatmal is approved as HI/BI Incubator by MSME, Gov. of India (Registration No. HIBIMH000315) in 2020. The proposed incubator at JDIET, Yavatmal is a great opportunity and would be helpful for the students, staffs, external innovators in the region and institute to convert their ideas into New Innovations, Technology Development and Business and Entrepreneurship Development through an array of industries, state and central government funding schemes. This incubator would be dedicated to start-up and early-stage industry development. The commencement of this incubator is an attempt to bring academia and industry closer to each other by providing students and faculty a platform to commercialized their research, final year project and other technology based business ideas.
Vision:            Sustaining the economical growth of the students, staff and region through indigenous technology development for the common people.
Mission:          Cultivation of ideas and innovations into useful technologies to develop small scale industries and business entrepreneurship


  1. Student development
  2. Employment generation (self employment and entrepreneurship)
  3. Sector development
  4. Knowledge and Technology commercialization
  5. Technology transfer and Innovation
  6. Creation and development of sustainable, globally competitive SMEs that contribute towards social and national growth.

Functions of Incubation Center

  1. Collection of innovative ideas from all department
  2. Nurturing innovative ideas of incubatee to commercialized the product/service by providing technology guidance.
  3. Converting the proposed technology to business proposal stage. 
  4. Identify the target market.
  5. Generating funds for the business development
  6. Pre launch activities
  7. Consumer feedback
  8. Exposure to investor community for the expansion of business    

Workshop Conducted with Photographs
Incubation and Startup Guidance Program conducted for the students of final year of 5 engineering streams (Mechanical, Electrical, Textile, Civil and Chemical is conducted)
Civil Department


Current Status of JDIET Incubator

  1. Fund Received

Funds Awarded under Device Development Program of Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi for the project titled as “Device Development for B-carotene Enhancement in Carrot Juice as a Food for Cancer Patients” of Rs. 29 lakhs.


II. Ideas Incubator from Student, Staff and external investor Collected in JDIET:        30
III. Ideas Shortlisted by JDIET incubator and Submitted to MSME:                                10

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