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  • Shri Vijay Darda, Founder President, JDES, Yavatmal

In the era of globalization, the recent technological advancement and information explosion have influenced our lives in more than one ways. The key question of today is how to take full advantage of technology revolution i.e. taking place at an amazing speed. I am confident that our students will take the challenge and make India technologically self-reliant. I take great pleasure in extending my fullest support for the overall development of this Institute and I am confident that it will become a Centre of excellence where accent is on quality and speed and where every outgoing student will work for the upliftment of the society.


  • Shri Devendra Darda (President, JDES, Yavatmal)

Jawaharlal Darda Institute of Engineering and Technology is marching ahead with a mission to "Provide highest quality resources, learning processes and research to create technically qualified professional capable of making significant contribution to individual and social empowerment". We believe in providing highest quality technical education in this region of Vidarbha almost in all technological fields. Our aim is to create talent for tomorrow. We welcome all the aspirants of technical education in the campus of JDIET, an opportunity for transformation.


  • Shri Kishor Darda, Secretary, JDES, Yavatmal

We are all living in the age of Technological revolution and we are enjoying the fruits and facilities emerged out of innovation & invention. Nowadays, technological developments seem to have no limits. Every day, we find some new inventions are replacing the older technology. I feel the real technology is one, which is very useful for upgrading standard of living of human being with peace, harmony and most importantly eco-friendly. I feel that the youth are most vibrant and socially responsible resource of a society. So, here in JDIET, we inculcate technical skills along with social values in our students to serve the society better.


  • Dr. Ramchandra S. Tatwawadi (Principal)

It's almost three decades that JDIET is providing quality education. Looking back, facing challenges with optimism is what the entire associates of JDIET have meticulously and skilfully tackled to ensure the excellence in engineering education. With change in the entire spectrum of engineer’s requirement, many administrative and academic transformations were made for the betterment of stakeholders. Activities related to research, innovation, internship, employability, liberal arts etc. are prioritised for holistic and multidisciplinary education.
We at JDIET are trying to profess the essence of National Education Policy – 2020 for professional higher education such as ethics, importance of public purpose, discipline, interdisciplinary thinking, discussion, research and innovation.

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