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 Mr.Yatin Kirori
 Country Head India & Sri Lanka, Bestseller A/S, New Delhi . (Denmark based MNC) (New Delhi ,India)
 Branch: Textile Engineering
 Student of JDIET Passed in: 2000
JDIET doesn’t only empower you with technical knowledge but it also develops you as a complete personality, who is ready to take on all the challenges of the corporate world. I am proud that I am a JDIET’ins from the first batch of the college. My success is the output of the efforts that the institute had taken during my budding time. I wish JDIET all the very best.

 Mr. Venkatesh R
 Sr. Regional Manager-Quality Assurance (Bangladesh/Pakistan/Middle East/Africa/Europe)
 Branch: Textile Engineering
 Student of JDIET Passed in: 2000
My days at JDIET are precious memories of academic activates and leadership development in me. College made me the person who I am today, technically qualified, bold and confident..!! When its the time to decide your career JDIET helps you to shape it.

 Dr. Ateeque Malani
 Assistant Professor, , Indian Institute of Technology (IIT),Mumbai (Dept. of Chemical Engineering ) (Mumbai)
 Branch: Chemical Engineering
 Student of JDIET Passed in: 2001
JDIET is a place where I learned all my basic and fundamentals, it has contributed immensely in my future growth and continues to do so. I will forever be in the gratitude of my teachers of JDIET for imparting quality education to me.

 Laxminarayan B
 Fabric Sourcing Manager, Spain Based Textile MNC,Textile Arviva S.I.
 Branch: Textile Engineering
 Student of JDIET Passed in: 2002
JDIET is one such institution that has grown from strength to strength in the past 25 year since its inception. The most important contribution of JDIET towards society is its graduates a pool of more than 7,000 students, who are working across India and many countries in the world. I owe my success to JDIET, my heartfelt gratitude to all who helped during my studies, which shaped up my life and career. My best wishes to JDIET for the future for heading its way to the ladder of success.

 Mr.Jay Khadatkar
 Chief Manager Marketing, Export Div.(Team Leader for UK and Latin America Division) , Arvind Ltd (Export Div.) (Ahmadabad)
 Branch: Textile Engineering
 Student of JDIET Passed in: 2003
“JDIET is not just an educational institution but also a family. It has been 15 years that I passed from this institute and with every passing year the association becoming stronger. I am very much happy and satisfied with JDIET, As I found JDIET has lion’s share in my present carrier. I wish that JDIET to continues with enhancing and enrich the many lives like mine.”

 Mr.Maroti Kadam
 Executive Assistant to President , Deepak Nitrite Limited (Vadodara, Gujarat)
 Branch: Chemical Engineering
 Student of JDIET Passed in: 2003
My entire journey with JDIET completely transformed me from a shy, village boy to a technically sound and confident person, who sustained in the competitive corporate world. What I earn from JDIET is excellent technical skills, problem-solving skills, discipline, out of box thinking, never give up attitude. trust in your strengths, overcome from weaknesses and positive attitude. I am thankful to JDIET and owe my lifetime gratitude towards it. Thanks, JDIET for shaping my carrier

 Mr. Sameer Katole
 European Marketing Manager, The Hira Companies Ltd (Manchester,UK)
 Branch: Mechanical Engineering
 Student of JDIET Passed in: 2005
Honored for having an opportunity to be an alumnus of JDIET. This institute has laid a sturdy foundation for my carrier, which makes me stand with immense pride. Thanks to all my teachers and trainers for whatever that have imparted in me to brighten my carrier

 Ms. Poonam Kamboj
 Manager - Strategy and Transformation Consulting , Wipro Technologies (Pune)
 Branch: Computer Science And Engineering
 Student of JDIET Passed in: 2006
JDIET not only focuses on academics but also on extracurricular activities which ensures all around development of students. I am proud to be an alumni of JDIET. I was university merit; it was only possible because of the efforts taken by faculties of JDIET, who constantly focus on the growth and career of students

 Mr.Alok Bhute
 Senior Manager ,Strategy and Planning, VMLY & R South East Asia and India (Mumbai.)
 Branch: Electronics And Telecomm. Engineering
 Student of JDIET Passed in: 2007
The words are not enough to thank JDIET and its professors. JDIET has helped me to reach where I am today. JDIET focuses on developing talent for tomorrow, today by imparting both technical and life skills to its students. I am grateful and proud to be a student and alumni of JDIET.

 Mr. Ajynkya Kottawar
 Director (R&D), , Softsense Techno-serve Pvt. Ltd (16 patents , record in India Book of Record and Limca Book Of record registering 4 patent in single day.) (Nagpur)
 Branch: Mechanical Engineering
 Student of JDIET Passed in: 2013
JDIET is the best platform where the journey of my life has been started. I started my every research at this place only. Specially faculties of this institute is very much supportive. This is a good institute to enhance your skill & knowledge. Thanks for everything JDIET

 Ms. Gauri Pasarkar
 Senior Quality Engineer, Larsen & Toubro Infotech (Pune)
 Branch: Electronics And Telecomm. Engineering
 Student of JDIET Passed in: 2013
This Institute totally changed me personally & professionally. JDIET laid the strong foundation on which my career is based. Dedication, efforts & discipline are major pillars of JDIET. This institute is excellence in teaching, enhancing the personality of students and the overall range of facilities provided. These are key factors which shape the future of many students.

 Miss Manjiri Joshi
 Associate Manager , Praj Industries Ltd. (Process Engineering) (Pune)
 Branch: Chemical Engineering
 Student of JDIET Passed in: 2013
I would always be grateful to JDIET College for giving me multidimensional learning by providing a mixture of academics, and leadership. I am feeling blessed to be guided by the most committed, patient, knowledgeable and caring teachers of JDIET. Wishing more and more success in the future to all JDIETians.

  Ku. Sukhada Dharmadhikari
 Software Engineer, Larsen & Toubro InfoTech (Mumbai)
 Branch: Electronics And Telecomm. Engineering
 Student of JDIET Passed in: 2016
“JDIET focuses on developing talent by imparting both technical and life-skills to its students. One needs a great character and right attitude along with good grades to succeed in this challenging world and it’s in the DNA of JDIET to nurture it. I am thankful to JDIET for giving me a platform for making my carrier. I wish them all the best and encourage students to make the most of it."

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